What is a sound bath

A sound bath is the intentional use of sound to facilitate a shift in consciousness. It is a meditation that is guided by sound rather than words. In this state, the mind is open and uninhibited; the body can rest and heal.

We shift our subtle awareness to the sensory perceptions, and how it interacts with our inner reality.

The experience is highly subjective and it will be different for each person, each time. There is no ‘typical attendee’. With this in mind, we don’t assume any particular prior knowledge, experience or motivation. The only thing required is your presence.


What you can expect during our sound bath sessions:

+ A simple warm-up practice to facilitate arrival in the space

+ You will lie down comfortably with blankets and eye pillow

+ Sound vibrations and frequencies will be introduced in succession, using a selection of curated instruments that include sage crystal bowls, handmade Himalayan singing bowls, chimes, wind harp, tuning forks and more.

+ You will experience deep and grounding sounds, as well as ethereal and subtle vibrations.


Benefits of Sound Meditation:

+ Restoring and balancing the nervous system

+ Cultivate a heightened sense of awareness

+ Balances the subtle koshas, or layers of being

+ Creates space for clarity and exploring creativity

+ The potential for immediate renewal and lasting change, especially when integrated as an ongoing practice.


A Sound Bath will support you if you are:

+ seeking deep relaxation, stress release or the chance to tune out

+ deepening an existing yoga or meditation practice

+ looking for a gentle yet deep introduction to meditation

+ experiencing a period of transformation

+ interested in stimulating creative potential with ease and flow


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