Notes from Rubin Museum, New York.


I saw a fantastic exhibition at the Rubin Museum in New York a couple of months ago. I scribbled lots of inspired notes.


  • The power of sound - A lullaby puts a baby to sleep. It can create the irresistible urge to move our bodies. Sound allows us to exchange information. It can make us quiet. It can shift our state of consciousness.
  • When was the last time you truly listened?
  • Yoga and the sacred syllables. The nada yogis who uses sound as a vehicle for transcendence.
  • A field of sound that precedes, exceeds music.
  • Soundscape: the music of the environment that unfolds around us ceaselessly.
  • The way we encounter sound is not unlike the way a traveller encounters a new place. It has to do with your inner reality and how you meet the new place.
  • The practice of listening.
  • Sound as a means of transmission; as information technology.
  • The body as a conduit/vehicle for experience, for connecting with the sound & the world.
  • The sound body.
  • The search for an alternate system to process human experience.
  • Music is ephemeral, the experience is NOW.
Cari Lin