In a world where our minds are pulled in numerous directions, we can sometimes find ourselves disconnected from the creative source. Often our rigorous schedules and responsibilities take priority over tuning in to how we can nurture our creative mindset.

If this feels somewhat familiar, then a sound bath might provide the space for creative self-exploration. 

In our sound baths, you are guided into a meditative state by sound vibrations. The benefits of meditation are already well-documented, but many individuals believe they are incapable of meditation or sitting still. Quieting the mind may even seem counter-intuitive to the process of ideation.

In this setting, you begin in a state of relaxed wakefulness. Whilst lying down, your attention is directed to your sensory perceptions. The soundwork induces a regenerative state for the body, while you are taken into progressively quieter brainwave states. Your conscious awareness is guided by the sonic vibrations into a realm beyond waking, dreaming or sleeping - beyond the reach of the logical, analytical, and critical thinking mind.

As a sound bath allows you to disconnect from outside distractions, you naturally dive into a deeper awareness. As our body relaxes, we’re able to tune in to ideas, inspiration and a sense of wonder. During the sound meditation, we may begin to have access to the infinite space between thoughts, and perhaps bring this awareness into our lives.

Some benefits of sound baths include alleviating symptoms of stress, tension, and anxiety - freeing you to naturally enter into a state of creative flow. 

By creating space in our mind, we can delve into untapped potential and direct our cerebral energy in a way that supports creativity.

As we find inner stillness, we foster clarity.

SoundCari Lin