Upcoming Events


DATE: Sunday, 26 May 2019

TIME: 4 - 5.30pm

LOCATION: Studio Blueprint (location)

PRICE: $45

Join us for an afternoon of embodied experience

through sound and felt sense

Let the ethereal and grounding sound vibrations guide you into a deeper state of awareness, while receiving intuitive energetic balancing that allows your body to relax and restore.

The session will conclude with a closing circle over warm cacao.

This event is a collaboration between Field of Sound and Athina Bailey.


What to bring:

  • Please arrive in comfortable clothing for gentle stretches, and bring a warm layers (jumpers, socks, etc)

  • A yoga mat (please let us know if you don't have one)

  • Something to cover your eyes (e.g. eye pillow, light shawl, etc.)

We do not assume any prior knowledge, experience or motivation -

all are welcome.