In our quest to find the best earbuds, we have compiled highly detailed reviews of the top products.Are you trying to find the best headphones out in 2015?

With so many styles, features and products available nowadays, our task has become just a little bit harder.

On top of this, every different person is restricted by their budget which means it’s even more challenging to find the right information during your research.

Well guess what? You’re in luck! After experiencing exactly the same problems as you and being frustrated by poor quality products, we’ve decided to ensure this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

We’ve designed a series of incredibly detailed guides and reports which cover the entire topic. This will ensure that you end up buying the best headphones in 2015.

Along with this walkthrough of the entire product selection process, we’ve also tested a huge number of models and provided reviews so you don’t experience any problems.

As the category can be so huge, it’d be impossible to simply list the best headphones in 2015. For this reason, we’ve divided the category into separate sections so that you’re left with a complete resource personalized to your requirements.

We’ll be consistently adding new guides and reviews to ensure that you don’t experience any frustration when it comes to product selection or dealing with your budget. For this reason, all of the best products recommended in our guides are associated with a top price-to-performance ratio.

Best Rated Headphones – Our Top Picks

Best Earbuds

Here at FieldofSound, we review all of the best headphones, earbuds, gaming headsets and speakers that are currently available on the market.Probably the most common style, earbuds are also known as in-ear sets. A lot of people prefer to wear this style when compared to full-size models. This is due to the lightweight, portability along with a more secure fit.

The only question mark over earbuds is whether they can match the sound quality and noise cancellation of full-size sets. You’ll have noticed that you get a pair of these with your smartphone and they don’t seem to be that great.

Regardless of this, there are now so many earbuds out on the market which can provide sound quality to the levels expected by an audiophile. This is the reason why so many of us try to find a better quality replacement for the set included with our smartphone.

Due to the wide variety of products available within this category, we need to look into earbuds with further detail. For example, some of you might be looking to prioritize one feature over the other. For this reason, we’ve designed separate guides which will target your exact specifications.

Gaming Headsets for PC and Consoles

We also have reviews for a range of different gaming headsets, whether you have a PC, PS4 or Xbox One.If you’re looking for the finest gaming headset, you’ve been searching for a product without any plan. You see, “best gaming headset” is such a broad term that it’s highly unlikely that you’ll find information of any value.

You need to decide the compatibility and features of the set you’re looking for. Is it for use with a PC or a laptop? Or are you looking for headset compatible with a specific console? Does it need to have a wireless feature? Is there a specific price range? These are just some of the questions you’ll need to answer if you want to pick a headset exact to your specifications.

Planning all of this and then conducting your research can be time-consuming. In order to help you through this entire process and to ensure that you buy something worthwhile, our ultimate guides will inform you about everything within the category of gaming headsets.

Best Headphones

If you're looking for the best headphones on the market, you have come to the right place.The obstruction and inconvenience caused by cables has led to the emergence of wireless products for those who refuse to be frustrated by this.

The only problem with Bluetooth models is that there may be a noticeable loss of sound quality as it is transmitted from your music device to the headphones. On top of this, Bluetooth can have a number of other problems. For example, the operating range and compatibility issues are factors which should be focused on.

Prices can also appear to be more expensive than traditional sets. This makes it seem like Bluetooth headphones are no good. While the loss of sound will always remain common with Bluetooth sets, there are lots of hidden headphones and headsets which provide top quality and may not be as expensive as you think.

Our team aims to uncover these products through comprehensive guides that will contain all the important factors you need to be aware of in order to make the most logical decision. These guides have been built through our own frustrating experiences and consequent extensive research.

For this reason, we also provide reviews of the top Bluetooth headphones within each subcategory. This will hopefully make sure that you’re left with the finest possible products on the market.

Budget Products

A wide variety of cheap headphones and earbuds are discussed for those of you who don't want to spend a fortune.There are so many people who prioritize a specific feature over another during the product selection stage.

When it comes to the best headphones, this may include the design or the comfort. However, a lot of people simply wish to buy the cheapest model due to their budget restrictions. While this is fair, you shouldn’t have to simply buy the cheapest product without looking at it in detail.

There are so many sets available now that it’s always possible to find a top quality bargain which is well within your budget. While going through this process can take a lot of time, it’s totally worth it when you find a great set within a specific price range.

In order to make your task simple and hassle-free, we’ve produced a series of complete guides that go through the entire process for literally every budget.

So if you’re looking for top quality headphones under $50 or the finest earbuds under $20, we’ve created ultimate guides for each of these budgets.

Top Brands

We discuss some of the most popular headphone brands, including Audio-Technica and Sennheiser.Most of us prefer branded products regardless of whether they belong to the music industry or not. We’ve adopted that assumption that the more expensive a product is, the better quality it’ll possess. This is a completely wrong way to think!

We can argue that big companies actually compromise the quality of their products because they know that the customer will buy them anyway.

Irrespective of this, if you really want to buy a pair of branded headphones, there are lots of sets which provide a great price-performance ratio. But there are so many brands out there; you need to decide which one you prefer.

Whether it is the design that attracts you or the overall name that you’re interested in, we’ve reviewed them all.

Our main aim is to test all of these branded products and give you advice on which ones will provide a good fit for you. This will make sure you do not end up spending big on a product that just looks amazing without possessing any quality whatsoever.

Our ultimate guides and reports will provide generic information on the top brands while also picking the best premium products made by that brand. Furthermore, to cater for every budget, we also pick the best affordable models created by the same manufacturer.

Kids Gadgets

When it comes to kids headphones, LilGadgets is one of the best brands around.As we all give in to the craze of using headphones, it’s not surprising to see that we’ve started to look for sets for our kids. However, this doesn’t mean we’re solely buying these products so our children can enjoy their music.

We may also have their safety in mind and wish to keep their underdeveloped ears protected from high volumes in busy areas. Due to this underdevelopment of children’s ears, the standard products that we use may not be appropriate.

Therefore, it’s essential that we purchase products which are safe enough to be used by children. While your child may prefer a specific design, you also want to ensure that you buy a comfortable set with good quality features.

You might feel that you’re entering an unfamiliar territory here but you don’t need to worry.

In our detailed guides and reports, we’ve provided you with all the right information to be able to select the best headphones for your child.

Sport Headphones

If you exercise a lot and want sports headphones, take a look at some of our top options.Sports can be divided into a wide range of subtopics. These can include running, working out in the gym, swimming and other explosive activities.

All of this means that you’ll be looking for a product that possesses different characteristics when compared with traditional sets. For example, you’ll probably be looking for something that provides a comfortable and secure fit while you run.

You might be looking for the sweat- and water-resistant feature. Maybe you don’t want the cord to get in your way so you’re looking for a wireless model. Or perhaps you want a product which has all of the above features.

If you think about this clearly, you’ll notice that you have so much choice and it’s not that easy to pick a product. Our team believes in helping you to make the right decision rather than simply listing the best product to buy.

We consider all of the features you need and provide you guidance on picking the top` product based on those features. On top of this, we do provide lists and review the best products within this topic. These are included in our guides.

TV Equipment

If you love watching TV but don't want to disturb other people at home, why not buy some TV headphones? We go through the best products in detail.This is another challenging category which we can spend hours and hours carrying out the research for. If you’ve ever done this, you may have found the right pair of TV headphones.

In most cases, we’ll double check whether this is the right set to buy or not. This is actually quite common and in the end, we’ll have ended up wasting our day off without any progress. Again, the problem with this is that we’re looking for something very broad.

We have to decide on the features we’d like before going to look for a specific product. Our extensively researched reports will allow you to do this so you’ll have to look no further. Whether it is a specific brand of TV headphones or specific features that you’re interested in, we’ll have detailed guides to help you.

At the end of the day, you’ll be able to walk out with a product recommendation based on your preferred features and budget.

You’ll also receive valuable information which will enable you to select the right product for you using strict selection criteria. By doing this, we’ll be ensuring that you buy the best headphones for your TV in 2015.

Final Summary

So, what are the best headphones on the market? Unfortunately, this is a question that we won’t be able to answer right away. Everyone has their own preferred features and budgets which mean that the best earbuds will vary between different individuals.

While you’re searching for the highest quality model, you may actually be planning to get it for different functions. And it is only when we look into these functions and the features you desire that we’ll be able to uncover the best headphones appropriate for you.

For example, if you’re looking for good earbuds to use while working out then you’ll be able to find the right guidance and reviews on this within the sport category. We have written incredibly detailed guides which will be tailor fitted for you regardless of your desired features.

We hope that our guides combine to form a complete resource which helps you greatly to avoid any time-consuming research and allows you to pick the best product without any hassle.